Message from THE VC

We understand that Universities ultimate goal is to make a graduate achieve his/her goals and make him/her an able citizen of the world. Students join our University with a dream to be successful in his/her career, and that becomes our duty to fulfill his/her dream. We at Purbanchal University will take this task to direct us in our way of work. Be in the program we offer, curriculum we develop, pedagogy we apply, school we run, we will always keep students dream and their goal to guide us.

We feel happy to place a comprehensive strategy called Purbanchal University Job Central, which will put a framework in our university with which we will achieve our employability goal. Our team at University will always strive for achieving goals as we plan for the university and work according to strategy we develop. I personally thanks Hub4Growth project in injecting the concept of employability in explicit terms and to make us consider employability in terms of strategy and activities of the University. We have placed this aspect in our goals and have allotted budget this fiscal year, this may be small yet in positive direction. This gives me pleasure that we will start working in cohesive way as team in schools and at university level to achieve employability of our students. I believe results will come as we start making progress in various aspect of employability at different levels of university and schools.

"Started the Journey"

We have already started with this journey by creating employability cells at each of the schools and a working office of the enterprise center till infrastructure wise we are in better position. I wish my team and all stakeholders involved in this strategy of ours, directly and indirectly, with good luck for success. A little success at every level will bring large success at university level.

Let this dream that we have seen today be realized in days to come for betterment of university, students and ultimately of the society.  

Prof. Dr. Ghanshyam Lal Das
Purbanchal University
Biratnagar, Nepal