The External Environment

 Purbanchal University is situated in eastern region of Nepal which demographically has high level of education, good concentration of industries. With the change in structure of Nepal in the form of federal state, it will bring corporate houses to the region to benefit from federal state incentives.  Also the coming of new Education policy for federal Nepal, our university being the only university in this region will get greater role in implementing HE in the state. All these changes in the country will provide many opportunities along with threats which might be new and difficult to tackle. 


  1. New education policy could give PU bigger role which will give better recognition in the job market.
  2. PU will be leader in education in the State no 1 after federal structure as this will be the only university in this region
  3. Decentralization in power will create opportunities for university in regional/local level
  4. Concentration of industries are high in this region creating lot of job opportunities
  5. University adopting employability of graduates as focused area will create a positive environment for attracting better students


  1. New State federal structure is still unclear in terms of ownership of the university.
  2. Geographical area of operation of university might be changed creating constraints in revenue generation
  3. New education policy might go against the present work of the university, resulting changes in its direction.
  4. Students' attraction toward foreign degrees and destination for higher studies.
  5. New university may come to exist in federal structure creating competition
  6. General political unrest and economic slowdown brings challenges to job opportunity
  7. High political interferences in general working of university

 The Internal Environment

 The PU with around 300 employees is still a small size organization with a definite work culture is bound to grow in terms of employee number and activities in recent future. This situation gives some strength and weakness to university and they are-


  1.  Good academic programs to attract students. Most of the programs offered in PU are of professional and technical type having demand in the job market
  2. Size of the University is manageable which gives strength to be flexible in terms of adaptation of new strategy and programs
  3. With a systematic implementation of employability strategy in the university, the university will be poised to take better opportunities in job market
  4. Awareness of employability is increasing among the leaders of schools and university which changes to positive outlook toward employability activities
  5. Allocation of fund in budget from the fiscal year 2074-75 BS for employability activities in each schools of university




  1. Funding decrease in university may adversely affect the employability related work
  2.  Change in leadership may hamper the work related to employability strategy
  3. Untrained staff to handle the issue of employability
  4. Weak linkage with Industries
  5. School more focus on academic work only
  6. Unclear authority /lack of authority to leaders at faculty level or school level with respect to employability decisions and activities

In view of above strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, Purbanchal University has developed strategy PU Job Central to best utilize our strengths, reduce our weakness and take benefits of opportunities and minimize threats impact. This strategy will be reviewed time and again to make additional changes to face the immerging environment.

 Strategic Objectives

  • Create an effective structure of support for enterprise and employability activities in the University by-
    :- Establishing employability cell at each of the 5 Colleges
    :- Develop functional office of the Enterprise center
    :- Establishing of the governance structure of the Enterprise and       Employability cell (Staffing and reporting system)
    :- Benchmarking the functional activities
    :- Establishing an Enterprise Center at University level

  • Curriculum upgrading (Ongoing)
    :- In tune to market trend
    :- To increase students engagement
    :- To develop professional and soft skills
  • Modifying pedagogy to increase interaction with real situations
  • Creating platform for students interaction with professionals/employers/alumina
  • Develop database of graduating students centrally
  • Reach out Industries, Association and Professional bodies for developing linkage
  • Operation of Enterprise Center of PU